Douglas A. Waldman, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery

304 University, Suite 212      Marshall, Texas 75670-5247

phone [903] 935-1151   fax [903] 935-0077




**Be sure to keep your arm or leg elevated above your heart, so that blood flows down to

            your heart.  This helps a lot with the swelling 

**Don’t change the dressing unless you were told to. 

** It is ok to continue the medications that you were taking before you came to the hospital

** After surgery, you might have a temperature up to 101 for 24-48 hours after you leave the hospital.  It is okay to take Tylenol for this, and be sure to cough and deep breathe hourly while you are awake, to keep your lungs clear. 

**Keep the dressing and/or cast dry.

** If your fingers or toes become numb, blue, swollen, or paralyzed, contact our office---

            or if after hours, go to the Good Shepherd / Marshall ER

**Don’t put coat hangers, etc. down into your cast or dressing. 

**If you don’t have an appointment card, please call 903-935-1151 for an appointment to    

            see the doctor

** Our office is open 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Thursday, 9 am to noon Fridays

**This is also the only time during which we can refill prescriptions

**We cannot refill prescriptions that were given to you by the ER, or by another doctor.


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You can find out a lot more about our office on the internet !  Just go to  



Also, if you are a new patient, or an established patient with a new problem, you can click on the green words “patient forms you can fill out at home”.....and you fill out and print out all the forms that we ask you to fill out before your visit.  This can save you lots of time !


Or, you can print out the forms and fill them out by hand or on a typewriter.

Either way, it is much easier and more pleasant to fill out the forms at your home, rather than in our lobby.  It can also cut your waiting time way down.