To Make an Appointment

To Make an Appointment


To make an appointment with us, please call 903 935 1151 during business hours--- 9 am to 4 pm Monday through Thursday, or 9 am until noon on Fridays.

Our doctor's office schedule is as follows:

Dr. Waldman

Monday morning

Tuesday morning
Wednesday afternoon
Thursday afternoon

Friday morning

Remember, you can fill out all the paperwork that we need, by clicking on the green words "patient forms you can fill out at home" on our home page.  We know how much everyone dislikes waiting in the doctors' lobby [we do too] and hopefully this will decrease the amount of time that you have to wait to see the doctor.

When you call, the receptionist has to ask you a lot of questions.  We know these can be annoying, but unless we get all the information, your insurance company will not approve your visit.  We like to get approval for your visit before you arrive, again to try to cut down your waiting time.